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Path of Exile Map Modifiers and Cartographer’s Chisels

Maintaining a robust map pool is integral to consistent Atlas progression and farming efficiency. Making use of currency items such as Cartographer’s Chisels as well as engaging with league mechanics or encounters which provide map drops can assist players in reaching their objectives more quickly.

What determines the quality of a map, and how do cartographers select an ideal projection?

Increased Map Quality and Rarity

Cartographer’s Chisels are currency items in Path of Exile that help enhance the quality of maps, thus increasing their value and rewards, which in turn provides more efficient farming experiences when combined with other map modifiers.

Quality maps determine whether they contain Divination Cards or other rare items when used with divination devices, and also impact how many random dungeon levels will be created from consuming it in map devices; increasing quality will significantly increase both factors.

Utilizing Cartographer’s Chisels will improve map quality by up to 5% for regular maps, 2% for magical ones and 1% for rare/unique maps; maximum map quality achievable is 20% and this can further be increased using either Orb of Transmutation or Alchemy on it.

However, this strategy is unsustainable as there are no recipes for Cartographer’s Chisels (unlike there are for chaos/alch/alteration orbs), so higher level players must purchase them from lower level ones – making endgame (level 73+) impossible without buying out-of-game chisels from others. A solution may lie in providing proper recipes and lowering requirements to reach endgame; but this wouldn’t address its fundamental unsustainable nature. Individuals with expectations to know about sell path of exile currency and other details can feel free to visit here.


Voidstones are the successors to Watchstones and allow you to upgrade maps in several key ways. Most notably, they grant higher base map tiers for any maps socketed by them – making lower tier maps harder; additionally they grant a 25% chance for any dropped map to have one tier higher upon subsequent drop attempts; these gradual tier increases increase with every new Voidstone added to your Atlas.

Eliminating certain bosses may yield Voidstones as valuable rewards, including Elder and Shaper Guardians. Dominating such high-level encounters has an immediate effect on the balance between two factions and may influence specific maps accordingly.

Before getting their hands on any Voidstones, players must first defeat all four Atlas bosses: Sering X Arc, Eater of Worlds, Maven and Searing Exarch. Doing so requires special strategies and high-level characters – yet can offer rewards as a result!

Divination Cards

Divination cards provide an easy and straightforward way to receive messages from angels and higher beings. Each card represents different forms of energy which can help guide a reader, and the decks themselves are designed to promote greater meditative states for deepening intuition and accessing deeper levels.

The Medicine cards, for instance, are an exquisite set of 40 cards featuring botanical drawings, photographs, folklore tales, proverbs and inspirational quotes designed to strengthen connections between body, mind and spirit. Included is also a booklet that gives deeper meaning behind these cards – they pair nicely with other divination systems and oracle decks alike!

Chisels may improve the quality of normal maps, but keep in mind they have a limit of level 20 – it would be wiser to save your chisels and use them early and midgame to have access to an ample selection of yellow maps for you to select from.

Zana Mods

Players with access to an abundance of Cartographer’s Chisels can use them strategically on higher level maps in order to improve map quality for greater rewards and challenges, increasing map progression over time and sustain it over time. As each chisel increases item quantity as well as rarity/tier, using it strategically may ensure optimal gains – and overall gains for their build!

By engaging with Zana the Master Cartographer, players can gain access to powerful map modifiers known as Zana Mods that will further increase rewards and challenge of their map, such as Divination card drops, monster size or other features.

Zana Mods can be obtained through interactions with her, or purchased in her shop – which resets as players complete each daily map from the Atlas. She can also offer players additional maps that do not count toward fulfilling the completion quota in accordance with their level in Master Cartographer.

The Cartographer’s Chisel can also be used to upgrade one of their maps with a powerful Shaper Mod. These powerful mods introduce unique encounters which increase difficulty and can be unlocked through Memory Fragments earned from killing Elder-influenced maps circled purple on the Atlas.